Jimin Kim

“I have no idea where my true hometown is sometimes. Even the dialects are different, so I speak two versions of Korean.”

Miyu Shirotsuka

“Gradually I became more comfortable with the duality of my life... knowing I have these different personas and being okay with that.”

Sharleen Chen

“I feel like I am trying to hide under a veil when I’m in Taiwan. I am seen as an outsider.”

Kennis Wong

“In front of other people I try to be positive. I want to be the one to cheer them up, but I need to have some way to express my emotions, too.”

Jessica Lee

“I don’t want to achieve that through my mom. I want to do it myself.”

Margaret Andersen

“Trying to become an individual and not being able to leave home has been a weird experience. But it's just sort of happened in other ways.”

Javeria Ali

“You get into a situation where you’re playing a role. A part of you you don’t really want to be. You can’t get out of it, because you are that person to them.”

Ed Fella

“Being a single parent at the time my kids went off to college, and using the excuse of avoiding empty nest syndrome, I left my professional graphic design practice. I headed off for graduate school, and an eventual teaching career.”


Iris Chung

“Before I did art, I kept comparing myself to other people because I wasn’t sure where I was going.”

Aamina Ganser

“I want to feel like I can use the painful things that have happened to, and around, me. But I worry that I need to have a story to tell.”

Yunji Jun

“We should talk about ourselves more. We always hide, but I try to destroy the wall around me.”

Mina Shoaib

“The idea of my parents risking everything helped me realize I still need to have my humanity. Work is important, but I need to make time.”

Sohee Kim

“Sometimes I feel something pure and authentic, but I think that makes me weak.”

Jaejin Ee

“It’s hard to live in another country, but living in Korea is harder. Korea’s political situation affects everything: my life, my house, food, salary…”

Nicolas Escobar

“I am always trying to find that end goal, and not knowing what that is. But I’m never gonna find myself. And I guess I never want to.”

Gail Swanlund

“I think I’ve reached a point in my career where—even if it means rice and beans every night—it's more important to me to make the work I want to make​.​”


Dasol Jung

“I cannot be all of myself here. After I came to the U.S., in some ways I became a baby.”

Henrique Eira

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to feel completely comfortable in my own skin or stop questioning what I believe.”

Abby Chang

“I learned a lot from my college roommate. She taught me how to take care of friends.”

Lu Feng

“I started to work, but there was limited creativity. Everyday was the same. I really wanted to see what was going on outside of China and open a new world for myself.”

Monique Wilmoth

“I think the way your parents teach you is important, because we imitate our parents.”

Sean Kasa

“We went in different directions, but when things settled down, my brother and I could start talking about our experiences. And trying to reconnect that way.”

Noha Khashoggi

“Getting my first job was pretty big. And I didn’t use my dad’s name. I don’t want to use my family name to get ahead, which happens a lot in Saudi.”

Mr. Keedy

“In the end, any endeavor you are involved in, what you hope for, or what comes back as a kind of affirmation of success or failure, is if you have some level of influence.”

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